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Strategic is consulting company founded in 2009 in Sarajevo. Our core business is consulting and we specialize in the field of taxation, finance and management. Strategic team consists out of the highly experienced professionals from the biggest international and local auditing and consulting companies. Thanks to acquired knowledge and experience we gained in a short time the reputation of a reliable consultant and business partner. Strategic's consulting teams are specialized in the areas of: tax, accounting, finance, management, preparation of feasibility studies, due diligence etc.

As 20 industries are available in Bosnia and Herzegovina in which the companies can operate, our company has been working in the following group of industries:



We offer our clients the benefit of our reserach team in the agency. Offering the best service to our clients with deducted reseraches for the benefit of the companies.

• Pharmaceutical Industry

• Retail

• Automotive Industry

The industry of energy and mining has opened for the international trades in the 2015th. The international obligations of Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding the energy sector are mostly contained in the Energy Community Treaty (Decision on Ratification of EC Treaty, BIH Official Gazette – International Contracts, No.9/06).
Developing a strong and sustainable energy community depends on different regulatives in the country. The production and distribution system operation and supply of electricty are governed by legislation of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska and the Brcko District.
Further details on the legislative for this indistry can be found on electricity sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Service Industry is a huge industry on the market as it includes different departments. One of the currently leading industries on the market are:
The Service Industries include the following industries:

• Education

• Engineering and Construction

• Government

• Health Care

• Hospitality/Leisure

• Non – Governmental Organization

• Transportation

Our company works with companies from the financial service The stability of the currency (KM) in Bosnia and Herzegovina depends on the stability of the currency in the country. Only one bank in the country is state owned, the rest of the bank sector is owned mainly by countries like Germany, Austria and Italy. The percentage of the bank sector owned by other countries is 82%.

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